TAK takes interior design to a new level

Laminate-maker’s rebranding exercise aims to allow architects to create a specific look.

Homegrown laminate-maker TAK is leveraging on its rebranding to take the interior design industry in the region by storm. Instead of merely being a supplier of patterned laminates, Lamitak — TAK’s core business of producing high-pressure laminates with 420 various types of stylised surfaces — is now spearheading the rebranding exercise.

(left) TAK executive director Geraldine Tan. (right) An example of how Lamitak helps interior designers create a wood effect.

The company is meeting market needs by enabling architects and interior designers to create a specific look through Lamitak, said executive director of TAK, Ms Geraldine Tan. “It stems from our desire to position ourselves as a brand that is ready to inspire,” said Ms Tan. “To create a lot of choices for our designers and our architects and not to only see laminate as a flat sheet of product, but when they are put together in a very nice manner, you get a beautiful space.”

Lamitak’s products mimic patterns of raw material such as wood grains, marble and concrete by printing a realistic, closeup image of the material’s surface on the laminate.

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